how to lose weight in 5 days

How to lose weight in five simple steps

Taking action and starting something new is always tricky. We like to make goals, research and read on how to achieve those goals, and create plans. But then, when it is time to take action, we often don’t even start. That is how most people’s diet plans go. Does that sound familiar?

Most of my clients come to me not for help in defining their goals, and not always to help them create a plan, but to help them start. Starting a diet, any diet, is simple, but definitely not easy. Often we become overwhelmed with all of the options and diet plans and quit before we begin. But there are a couple of things that all diet plans and weight loss programs have in common. These commonalities are the key to simplifying your plan and making it easier to start.

To simplify your diet plan and kick-start your nutrition program follow these simple five steps:

1. Get rid of the junk food –This is the most obvious step as we all know junk food is bad for us, and it is likely one of the easiest first steps.  To succeed at your health goals you have to stop eating junk food, no excuses. Junk food – chocolate bars, chips, pop, candy, sugar gum, etc. – are full of sugar, trans-fats, sodium and lack nutrients. They help satiate us in the moment, but they create a metabolic affect that makes us fat and leads to poor health.

2. Get rid of the “health” food that has added sugar – This step is as important as getting rid of the junk food. Sugar is hidden is lots of “healthy” foods such as granola bars, juice, non-fat yogurt, condiments such as ketchup, and chocolate milk. These foods are step up from junk food as they typically contain at least a few nutrients, and rarely contain trans-fats. But they often contain a lot of sugar, which can curtail your efforts and sabotage your diet and weight loss plan.

These foods are almost more harmful than junk food because they are often sold to us as a healthy option. We feel safer consuming them and will often consume more of them because we believe them to be good for us. But sugar is sugar, and all sugar is ruining our health.

Sugar is slowly being exposed for what it really is – poison. In small quantities it is necessary as we can use it for fuel, but in the large quantities that is normal in our western diet, sugar is killing us. Sugar initiates a metabolic response that can make it nearly impossible to lose weight, can lead to diabetes, heart disease and other metabolic diseases, increase chances of cancer and can lower our energy levels.

3. Eat real food – whatever diet you are want to follow, Mediterranean Diet, Paleo Diet, Keto Diet, Weight Watchers, Whole 30 or one of the thousand others, the most basic principle of all of them is to eat real food. Real food is food that is not processed, not packaged, and can be found in its true form – the way it looks when it is harvested from the ground, a tree or an animal.

This step is often challenging in our fast-paced, go-go-go society. We are often looking for short cuts or meal-hacks that make meal prep faster. But a lot of products we purchase to make life more efficient are full of sugar, preservatives and hidden calories. An example is pasta sauce. It’s actual very easy and relatively quick to make our own pasta sauce, and yet, to save time, we prefer to purchase it. Store bought pasta sauce typically always contains added sugar, and sometimes it includes preservatives.

Eating real food takes a bit of planning, and it is not as convenient as take-out food and packaged goods. But it is probably one of the most effective steps you can take to achieving real weight loss and improving your health.

4. Add vegetables to your diet – would you be surprised if I told you that the majority of people do not eat enough vegetables?  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in report released in 2013, 91% of Americans do not meet the recommendations for vegetable consumption.  Instead of eating vegetables people are filling up on grains and breads, fries, and junk food, all food that contributes to weight gain.

Increasing the amount of vegetables in your diet can have significant impact on your health and weight.  Firstly, vegetables are nutritionally dense – they pack a lot of nutrients into very few calories. Second, you can fill up on them with little fear of weight gain – they are full of fibre, which helps you feel full and with vegetables containing so few calories you can eat a lot of them and not have them negatively impact your weight.

5. Minimize pasta, breads and starches – pasta, breads and starches such as potatoes and sweet potatoes are high in carbohydrate and can contribute to weight gain when consumed in high amounts. Yes, they can be considered “healthy” food, but that doesn’t negate the fact that if you are consuming too many carbohydrates you will gain weight. It’s best to minimize these foods, eat them only a couple times a week, instead of regularly throughout the week. The best strategy is to replace your rice, potatoes and pasta side dishes with fresh vegetables.

The key to weight loss is as simple as these five steps – no junk food, no “health” food, eat real food, add vegetables to your diet and minimize carbohydrates such as pasta, breads and starches. Simple, right?

With some commitment and a bit of planning, I can pretty much guarantee that if you follow these five steps you will achieve the weight loss you desire without a complicated diet plan and without resorting to a challenging low-carb or low calorie diet that is not sustainable.

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bikini show announcement WP

Do one thing a day that scares you- oh boy!

Do one thing a day that scares you, that’s what lulu lemon told me to do. Well, their bag did. I pride myself in typically being a critical thinker and not easily swayed by a company’s marketing, but the lulu bags always got me thinking. So, I decided to do something that really scares me – lift heavy weights often and stand on a stage in just a bikini in front of a large audience. Yes! I am going to enter a fitness competition. The NPAA Fitness show in May to be specific.

Hahahaha, I laugh in the face of the scary audience. I will slay the fitness show dragon. I will walk on stage with my head held high, brimming with confidence and win! Or I will cry with fear and run away. I feel like I am taking on more than the lulu bag intended.

The lulu lemon bag also states that “This is not your practice life. It is all there is”. I have always tried to live my life with the idea that I only get one and now is the time to start living the life I want. I have travelled to far off places, volunteered in my community, loved my family and friends intensely, and achieved athletic goals such as running a marathon and a half Iron Man. Stepping out of my comfort zone is not totally new to me, and grabbing the proverbial bull by its horns is something I try to do as habit. But my weakness has always been pain, I work really hard to avoid it. And for me lifting weights is painful.

Lifting heavy weights is outside of my comfort zone and is mentally and emotionally painful (I often cry when I am squatting heavy  weight). To achieve the muscle mass I require to successfully compete in a fitness show I have push myself in the gym harder than I ever pushed before. I have to push past the physical and mental pain, and somehow find a way to get satisfaction in weight lifting (I’m not sure I will ever like it).

The other, more obvious, scary part is standing in front of  large audience in just a bikini. But I will worry about that later. For now, my focus is on getting into the gym six days a week to lift heavy weights.

Right now, my biggest challenge is not motivating myself to lift the heavy weights (although I do at times dread it). No, the biggest challenge is managing my time in the gym, and crazy new diet (more on that later) while also being a mom and wife. Prior to taking on this goal I was already in the pursuit of “having it all” – I am starting a successful nutrition business, I am a stay at home mom (SAHM), I work hard to be a loving wife, etc. – and now I have added this one major new item to the list. I’m not totally sure how I am going to manage it all. But two things will definitely help, waking up earlier (hello 5 am club!) and my amazing, supportive husband.

Today is week 16. In about four months I will be on stage. This is going to be an interesting adventure…



Cookie Dough Bliss Balls

I have great memories of licking the cookie dough bowl while I watched the cookies bake in the oven. The best part about baking cookies with my grandma was eating the cookie dough.

This bliss ball recipe is one of my favourite because it brings those memories back. I hope you enjoy these delicious bliss balls as much as me and my son do.

Cookie Dough Bliss Balls

1 cup quick oats
3 tbsp coconut flakes
5 tbsp of water
10 dates
1 tsp vanilla

  1. Put oats in food processor and blend until it is a course powder
  2. Add the coconut flakes, dates and vanilla. Blend until mixed thoroughly
  3. Add the water and blend
  4. Roll the mixture into several small balls

Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls with Quinoa

Finding healthy snacks for kids is hard! My kids are pretty normal, they love their fish crackers, fig newton bars and other crappy processed food. When I try to switch it up and give them something healthy to eat, like vegetables, I get the biggest “yuck” response. Ugh! I hate that response. It makes me feel like a bit of a failure. A failure as a mom #momguilt, as well as a failure as a nutritionist #nutritionistguilt. As a nutritionist and a mom I knew there must be a better way.

Google, and my own ingenuity came to my rescue. I found the Bliss Balls through a quick google search. Bliss balls are awesome because the ingredients are whole, real food and they are crazy easy and fast to make. The challenge is that most bliss balls have nuts as an ingredient – a big no-no for my son’s school. As well, I am highly sensitive to almonds and other nuts, so I try to avoid them as much as possible. I searched my pantry for a replacement. I wanted something crunchy, yet healthy, and it could not contain gluten. I decided to bake quinoa.

Quinoa is considered a “super food”. I hesitate to call any food a super food, but quinoa definitely ranks high on my list of healthy foods. It has lots of protein, good fats and is high in lots of micronutrients.

My first attempt at a bliss ball sans recipe – meaning I made this recipe up, was a success. My chocolate coconut bliss balls are a sweet treat for any lunch bag or at home snack. I hope you enjoy!

Chocolate Coconut Bliss Balls

About 24 (or 1.5 cup) noor dates
1/4 cup baking cocoa
1/2 quinoa crisp (recipe below)
1 tsp vanilla
Unsweetened coconut flakes as needed

  1. Place the noor dates, baking cocoa, quinoa crisp and vanilla in a food processor (I prefer the Vitamix)
  2. Blend thoroughly. Stir the contents with a spoon to ensure none of the cocoa got stuck on the bottom, then blend again.
  3. Roll the mixture into small balls, then roll the balls through the coconut flakes

Quinoa Crisp

1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
2. Prepare quinoa as according to the package
3. Once quinoa is cooked through, spread across a baking sheet and bake for about 15 minutes or  until crispy




Hand writes the word thank you


Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and Easy Nutrition.  For a long time I have dealt with “gut” issues. I have tried many different approaches but never found the help that I needed. Until you came along that is!!  The food sensitivity panel that you did totally opened my eyes. I knew I had allergies to some foods but never understood the part about sensitivities.  You explained things so well and in easy terms that made so much sense to me. Thanks!!

I have learned so much in the way of nutrition with the meal planning workshop and the grocery shop that I do get excited now about planning my week and dinners are no longer a “chore”.  I look forward to trying new recipes that fit in with what I should be eating.  My husband is thrilled as well. Thanks for the amazing recipes. We love the meatloaf one and it has now become a staple meal in our house!

Overall I am feeling so much better and have a keener sense of when I eat something that I shouldn’t!!  I appreciate all the information and help that you have given me. Thanks again!!  You are amazing at what you do. :)

Charlene G.